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Business Verticals


For more than 20 years, Buena Vista inc. has pushed the limits of the logistics and supply chain management industry. We provide thousand of products for customers who are focused on finding the best shipping solution.

Custom Brokers

We are offering Custom Broking Services, through our own custom broker licence which includes HSN classification, rate of duty, preparation of Shipping Bills / Bills of entry, processing the customs clearance (of assessment, customs examination and obtaining customs out of charge). In terms of export, we offer services like preparation of shipping bill (on the basis of shipper’s letter of instruction), classification for drawback, Other Customs & DGFT Licensees , receipt of goods and handling over international carriers and customer queries and handling of stuffing & de-stuffing at Ports and ICD's.

Air Freight

When time is crucial for your cargo, our air freight services are your best option as we offer daily worldwide departures.

Experienced Network : Local presence and a strong network of partners with decades of experience

Flexibility : Proactive contact on our part if there are any changes in the transport plan

Last mile tracking & visibility : No surprise anymore regarding the time of arrival.

SEA Freight

Sea freight is among the most widely used modes of transportation. At the same time, it is the most cost-effective solution.

What is more, BVINC will take care both of the documentation involved and of customs clearance. You will receive updates on your shipment’s progress, while your dedicated, experienced Operations Managers will proactively handle any issue that might occur.

Competitive rates : With the enormous volumes of freight that we ship and the multitude of carriers we work with, we can offer you competitive rates, frequent departures and the capacity you need - from and to every major port in the world.

All Logistic Solution

Tell us your needs and conditions and our algorithm will calculate the best transport routes within your calculated budget. Premium or standard, you will get your goods in time.

Why Choose Us

Making The Impossible, Possible


Buena Vista Inc. places much emphasis on pro activity and anticipation of new challenges and opportunities in the belief that it is better to create than to repair. Adaptability, creativity, simplicity, and efficiency are greatly respected by & at Buena Vista Inc. and considered essential qualities for the achievement of profitability in a highly competitive global trading environment.


Buena Vista Inc. is committed to serving its customers in the best way possible: We are committed in our quest to lead the EXIM Trade by delivering innovative and efficient solutions to our valued business partners. Buena Vista Inc. continues to add further choices of services to customers.


“Constant Care”
This concept has a wide and deep meaning at BVI. "Constant care" implies a strong dedication to promote the health and safety of our employees and others in the industry and in the world around us.


Truly understanding our clients and their business, Offering second-to-none transportation solutions Being profitable - and delivering sustainable, profitable growth, Continuously reducing costs and increasing efficiency Offering our colleagues personal growth and a motivating place to work, Being innovative

Digital Solutions

We all buy goods, track deliveries. Shipping with www.buenavista.co.in is no different. Our tailored online services take the complexity out of shipping by letting you instantly track shipments and much more.


EMAIL : enquiry@bvinc.in